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DEAR MICHAEL, WITH LOVE: A Fan Tribute And Dedication To Michael Jackson is a fan-written dedication tribute book that will be released in bookstores on June 25th, marking the anniversary of the King of Pop’s death. I have had the wonderful opportunity to preview the book before it goes on sale. I am an avid reader and Michael Jackson fan and I must say this book is worth every single dime. It is in full-color and beautifully illustrated. The love of each and every fan that contributed to this book pours from its pages.

I have read several of the recent onslaught of fan books that has come out of late and this one by far out shines the rest. This is a must have for any Michael Jackson fan.

Theresa Anne Jordan, the author of the book, really humanizes Michael. Ms. Jordan writes a very eloquent forward in the book and strips away all of the media hoopla that surrounded Michael for decades. I appreciated every word she had to say about Michael Jackson.

The fans that contributed to the book are true Michael Jackson fans. They pour out their heart and souls in their letters and poetry. The artwork that was selected was very well thought out and very beautiful. The book is very well conceptualized. All I can say, I can’t wait to see what this author does next. I will be keeping her name and watching out for more to come! This is a must have book for any Michael Jackson collector. The book is available now from lulu.com and will be available from other sellers on June 25th.

The Facebook group page for the book is here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=294546362703&ref=ts

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