Munich Medley 1996

This is truly a joy-filled concert! It is one of my all time Michael experiences. To put the timing in context, this Munich performance was part of the HIStory World Tour in September of 1996. It would be another seven years before all HELL would break loose with the airing of Martin Bashir’s twisted documentary in 2003, and culminating in the 2005 trial based on the Arvizo Family extortion plans and accusations. At the time of this concert, Michael was blissfully anticipating the birth of his first child, the magic that, for him, would stand before all magic. Five months later Michael’s miracle, Prince, came into his life. He must have been so very excited living in anticipation of the supreme crowning glory of his entire life. The emotion in his voice, with every song, is profound. L.O.V.E. at it’s best!

Blessed are those who were there in person! He sincerely told his fans in the crowd, “I love you more…” Then with glowing smiles and giggles he repeats the phrase IN GERMAN! ” “Ich liebe dich mehr!” with more sweeeeet smiles ♥♥♥ He gives the gift of a bow to the audience in his playful way. He professes DEEP love from “the abyss” of his heart. He orders a bug to swept off the stage… without killing it! Michael oozes so much joy. This video captures MJ at his sweetest.

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  1. matineh says:

    thank you .its abeutiful I’m Iranian and micheal is great man.

  2. matineh says:

    please send pictures &song. about micheal jackson for me .thank you so much;-)

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