“They cried because of the love that he put back out there, and what he was about.” ~Jermaine Jackson

Below are a few touching comments that were posted on Facebook today. Thanks to you, beautiful Michael fans.

“In the end, what should matter is all of the good that he did, looking at his heart and his pure desire to help others, seeing the beauty that was within, and accepting and forgiving his humanity just as we would want done for us…In my opinion, Michael was a beautiful person inside and out and he did his best to live out the beauty that was inside of him and in the end, who we are inside and what we do with what God has given us, is what will change the world, affect others’ lives, make a difference and be our legacy. Michael’s legacy still shines bright because he dared to share who he was inside with all of us. He dared and risked being transparent even if it wasn’t easy for him and was something that may not be received favorably. He hurt and felt pain because of it, though many forgot that he was, in his own words, just like everybody else. He hurt and he bled. He was…wonderfully human. ” Deborah Kunesh, journalist, from Reflections on the Dance.

Is this the Michael Jackson the media showed you? I didn't think so. Please take the time to get to know who Michael Jackson truly was. THIS is the REAL Michael Jackson!

“Michael was all that and more. He embodied and encompassed all that is good and right with man kind ~He was pure and gentle. He loved life, he loved his friends, he loved his children and he loved (most members) his family ~He was a father, a brother, a lover, a world class human that will never be replaced but always missed.” ~Kristina Stewart

“He never gave up, never backed down. many say he was a broken man but I don’t believe that for a minute. I believe Michael Jackson’s spirit and heart overcame all the trials and suffering that the world put him through.” ~Rebecca Edwards

“We hurt, like everyone else. We’re not made of steel. We’re human beings. We’re family. And when Michael passed and the world cried, they didn’t cry because of an entertainer. They cried because of the love that he put back out there, and what he was about.” ~Jermaine Jackson

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