When Chocolate and Vanilla Marbelized

As a teenager, I used to enjoy American Bandstand. Watching Dick Clark on American Bandstand and Don Cornelius on Soul Train were wholesome preludes to the likes of MTV. One chocolate, one vanilla…eventually the two genres marbleized. Thanks to the tenacity and tremendous talent of Michael Jackson, Black and White music and music-lovers ever grew into stripes on the same animal.

I challenge you to tell me that this precious boy doesn’t just melt your heart! ♥

This spirited little guy was born and blessed with BIG talent and BIG energy.
It’s fun to watch it roll in a small package! Amazing!

Interview after song…sweeeet!

Decades later…

Our darling boy, as in days-gone-by, graces and honors the Soul Train stage.

Over the years, Michael proved his stunning musical versatility and sheer star power. With his short-film music video Thriller in 1982, Michael became the first black artist to find stardom on MTV. He broke down innumerable boundaries for his race, and for music video as an art form.

For their celebration of TEN consecutive years, MTV considered Michael indispensable. For the first time LIVE, he sang a wildly intense Black and White, with Slash going crazy on electric guitar.

Then, the pride of MTV contrasted the tone with a stunning, and highly emotional, performance of Will You Be There? Michael Joseph Jackson is truly “a treasure time won’t steal away.”

And so, I challenge you again, to tell me that this precious man doesn’t just melt your heart! ♥

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