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Michael Jackson Auditorium Cover-Up

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

In 1969, Michael Jackson attended Garner Elementary School in Hollywood for a short time until his notoriety made it difficult for him to maintain normal student life.

Michael’s shining smile is unmistakable!

Gratitude to Tweeter BJinTheMirror for this rare TwitPic photo.

In June of 2008, the year before Michael’s tragic death, a devoted fan wrote on their You Tube MJ EUROPE Channel page:

“In 1989, Gardner Street Elementary named the school auditorium after Michael. Gleaming silver letters across the front of the building now read: “The Michael Jackson Auditorium.” Michael himself showed up for the unveiling.

In return, Jackson has sort of adopted his old school; he pays the salary for the school’s music teacher, he has planted memorial rose bushes near the playground, and even left his famous signature on the wall of his old 6th grade schoolroom.”

Thanks to Robert, who was present at the ceremony, and is also IN THE VIDEO! Robert shared this special message and video on his disenchantedhero You Tube Channel.

“It was on October 11th, 1989, at Gardner Elementary School, In Hollywood, CA , that Michael Jackson blessed us all with his presence to be honored, and have the school auditorium dedicated to him. I was in 4th grade and had been selected to present the KING OF POP with the “KEY to the SCHOOL.” I was nervous but poised because I was meeting someone I admired and idolized for his creativity, music and dancing. I hope that someday they removed the boards that now cover up his name due to his child molestation allegations. Luckily prior to presenting him the “Key to the school” I was introduced to him and his entourage backstage. As an icebreaker, I remember him pulling on my “DUCK TAIL” and asking me if I was planning on growing my hair out like his. I took a long pause and was nervous to answer but I said “no, sorry.” In this video we also have the Gardner Elementary Choir performing with Michael Jackson and R&B pop group “The Boys.” What I think is most amazing about this whole experience is the fact Michael Jackson realized he had the power to touch and affect many lives with his music and message, and it was one of the few times in the midst of the Cold War, and other trials and tribulations of the last century, that people could come together and sing ‘n dance as one.”

The following is a transcript of Michael’s speech to the assembly in the auditorium:“I am deeply touched and honored that the PTA, principal and faculty members, and students have been so kind as to dedicate the auditorium, where I sat as a child, in my honor.

I thank, Ms. Gerson. I love you. And Ms. Rose Fine, I love you. And the Gardner Street School associates and all the children. Thank you and I love you.”

We must all never forget that the children are our future, and without them mankind would become extinct.”

But alas! Just four years later, in 2003, boards were placed on the sign over Michael’s name when he was falsely accused and charged with the molestation of a teen-aged boy. The cover remained in place until this week, seven full years after a jury acquittal.


Fast forward seven years to NOW:

Drum Roll…

Press Release October 14th, 2010


And now, seven years later, we can be glad once more! Many thanks to Jennifer Marino and Justice For Michael for spearheading the campaign to expose the cover-up.

On Friday October 15th, due to many prayers, and the efforts of Uncover Michael Jackson’s Name (The Garner St. School Issue Campaign), the boards were removed, and Michael’s legacy restored with dignity.

Michael’s name gleams again at Gardner Street Elementary School.

Friday, October 15, 2010 Los Angeles Times article by Kate Linthicum

Michael Jackson Sign Is Restored At Hollywood School

“For seven years, the gleaming silver letters that once proclaimed the Michael Jackson Auditorium at Gardner Street Elementary School in Hollywood were hidden behind white plywood boards.

The boards had been placed there to hide the name of the pop singer at the behest of parents shortly after Jackson was arrested on suspicion of child molestation in 2003. Since his death last year, fans had rallied for the restoration of the sign, which they saw as a symbol of Jackson’s legacy.

Now, Jackson’s name gleams again.

Los Angeles Unified School District Supt. Ramon C. Cortines ordered the boards stripped away Friday “in recognition of Michael Jackson’s musical legacy and contribution to modern culture.”

A school district spokesman said the decision was made in large part because Jackson had been acquitted of criminal charges in the molestation case.

On Friday night, a Facebook page calling for the restoration of the sign was overflowing with joyous comments.

“I could cry!!” one person wrote. “I wish he were here to see this!!”

On the page, devotees from places as far away as Japan and Sri Lanka posted photos of themselves holding handmade posters calling for the boards to be stripped away.

Fans had planned to show up at a school board meeting Tuesday to demand that the sign be revealed.

Jackson was briefly enrolled as a student at Gardner Street Elementary. In 1969, he and his family moved to Los Angeles from Gary, Ind., so that Jackson and his brothers could make a record with Motown.

Jackson was an 11-year-old sixth-grader at the school when the Jackson 5 released their debut album, a smash hit that foreshadowed Jackson’s record-breaking solo career.

The Gardner auditorium was dedicated to Jackson in 1989. He attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, where the school’s choir sang “We Are the World,” a tune Jackson co-wrote.

An illustration of Jackson’s face was posted in the auditorium in 1989, and a picture depicting the singer surrounded by children was hung in the main office. The auditorium drawing was removed several years ago because it kept falling down. The picture in the office also was removed to make room for a new intercom system.”

Taj Jackson announced on Twitter TODAY:

Saturday 16th October 2010, @tajjackson3 tweeted:

“On behalf of my grandma, we are thrilled that the “Uncover Michael Jackson’s Name Campaign” has come to a happy conclusion. Here is a direct quote from my Grandma.

“After a number of heartfelt conversations between me, my grandson Taj, family friend Jodi Gomes, and LAUSD, I am overwhelmed that the school will proudly bear my son’s name on its auditorium once again. This could not have been done without the tireless dedication of my son’s fans and specifically the wonderful members of the “Uncover Michael Jackson’s Name Campaign”. I look forward to my joint statement with the school in the coming days and thank you from my heart. Michael would be proud” ~Mrs. Katherine Jackson

And a few hours later, Taj tweeted again:

“@Jenifer Marino You are a true MJ warrior. Thank you so much for fighting for my uncles legacy.”


“Let’s not forget the many fans that wrote messages and emails of support for Uncovering Michael Jackson’s name. MJ fans are the best.”

And, lastly…

“Goodnight everyone. My uncles legacy will always live on through you guys.”