Neverland Was Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This moving, 2-part video truly captures the essence of Neverland Valley Ranch, as it was in it’s prime. It reveals, inside and out, the unique and stunning beauty of the place that Michael called home for almost 20 years. From 1988 to 2003 Neverland was infused with light-hearted laughter, playfulness and joy. This film lovingly attempts to convey the wonder and goodness that emanated from Michael’s childlike character, as well as from his precious refuge and sanctuary. That was until 2003, when dark storm clouds gathered, and eventually  destroyed all sense of privacy and safety for him and his children.

In 2005, after two years of grueling depositions, interrogations and malicious media circus side-shows, Michael said that he would not return to the property because he no longer considered it a home. The fact that 70 police officers had “violated” it in their merciless and relentless searches contributed to Michael’s rejection of his beloved estate.  After Michael was found “Not Guilty” of the erroneous charges of child molestation, he left the United States for a few years with his children.  Neverland Valley Ranch now stands as a bank-owned shadow of its former self. The future of the property remains to be seen.

The insightful video clips below offer a tragically different overview of the infamous Ranch. A new documentary, “Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland,” has been produced by Larry Nimmer, who worked as a filmmaker for Michael Jackson and his defense team during the 2005 child molestation trial.  Larry was granted unprecedented access to the Neverland Ranch estate while filming footage to be used as evidence during the trial. During his investigations, Larry discovered some of the truth of what had been going on at Neverland as a result of the deceptions of British journalist Martin Bashir’s months-long interviewing of Michael. Larry shows how Michael’s accusers fabricated their allegations. The documentary was completed a week before Michael’s death. Larry  has added new scenes from the Memorials held in tribute to Michael in Los Angeles and at Neverland.

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