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The Pan and His Fairies

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

The sweet sensitivity that is clearly reflected in this moving video tribute to Michael and his precious Neverland home left me feeling raw, but at the same time hopeful. With a grieving heart, “I’ll try … to fly.” ♥

Created by a devoted MJ fan, this video depicts, in motion, the wonderful moments that countless children experienced and shared with Michael at his Neverland Valley Ranch in the San Ynez foothills of Santa Maria County, California.

The Dream of Pan

“An awfully big adventure, that’s how the Pan sees life and death. He flies joyously on to whatever comes next, knowing that it’s all a part of the journey. It takes courage to be adventurous. It takes trust that you can deal with whatever comes next. When things seem daunting, when the future looks terribly uncertain, borrow bravery from Pan. Remember his joyous flight and let yourself take that first step toward whatever awaits you. After all, it’s an awfully big adventure.” ~Niura Schwartz

Song “I’ll Try” by Jonata Brooke

Fan Comments on this moving Neverland/Pan tribute:

“Mystical and Magical – like Michael himself. His beautiful home was an extension of himself. Evidence of the Child in Michael’s heart is EVERYWHERE in his home.” ~SB

“He made this ranch into such a lovely magical home that he shared with so many children..he truly made it into “Neverland”…what an imagination he had..everything was so thought out..and those thoughts were turned into reality…a placed full of wonder and’s such a shame what “they” did do him..that he felt like he couldnt go back there anymore..Its beautiful but makes me so sad..he should of been able to live to be 100 and be happy in his Neverland.” ~LMB

“Such a beautiful mind to create such a magical place.” ~EF

“This makes me so sad how the evildoers broke down MJ and destroyed his magical kingdom.” ~SF

“This is so sad. Michael made this place absolutely beautiful and I am sure he put a lot of thought and effort into what he wanted it to be.(Just as he did with his music-he was a perfectionist) It was probably like an escape for him… from the cruel world. It was magical. He loved children so much that he wanted to share Neverland with them. Children are so carefree and that is what Michael didn’t have in his childhood. That is why Michael loved being around children. The music made me cry. The pictures were beautiful. It is so sad to know that Neverland is no longer and all of Michael’s dreams were broken. And all of this because of false allegations from a family who Michael was trying help but they were so greedy that they wanted more. It is because of them that Michael left Neverland never to return again.” ~DG

“It makes cry each and every time I think about Michael and his broken dreams. All of his life he wanted to be with children, his beloved Neverland, his passion. But, I believe his heart is still there forever, and that Michael’s soul flies free at Neverland.” ♥ ~NS

In true Neverland-Michael fashion, during the last days on the rehearsal stage for the upcoming This Is It concerts, our Music Pan and hero expressed his desire to offer escapism, magic and wonderful experiences to his audience. He instructed his dancers and musical team, “It’s an adventure. It’s a great adventure. We want to take them places that they’ve never been before. We want to show them talent like they’ve never seen before.” And lest we not forget, as Michael repeated during those last days, “It’s all for love, L.O.V.E.” ♥