True Man Behind the Myth

It is encouraging to me that factual information continues to come forth, by way of books, interviews, articles and videos, created by people who knew Michael intimately throughout his entire life, in both personal and professional capacities. He was a profoundly simple man.  He was as simple as he was creative, which implies a huge, almost unfathomable, degree of simplicity.

Videos, such as the one below, serve to promote Michael’s legacy by exposing the hypocrisy, and damage to his reputation, generated by unethical people who call themselves journalists, but who, in fact, are driven by greed, and a voracious appetite for recognition, money and ratings.

I am fed up with coercive media marketing sold under the name of “journalism.” It is ruining people’s minds and hearts like poison ruins the body.

There is no doubt, based on endless evidence throughout his entire life, that Michael Joseph Jackson was a loving, conscious, intentional, sincere, sensitive and deeply spiritual human being.

I encourage people who have even just a minimal interest in learning about who this brilliant man truly was, to base their search on factual TRUTHS, rather than getting caught in the pervasive web of lies and sensationalized, fictitious conjecture about the mysterious and weird caricature that haunted Michael throughout much of his adult life.

The following sentiments could have been written by myself because every word rings true within my mind and heart. In fact, these words were expressed by Linda Higgins, Director of Community Development at the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. The excerpts below were taken from her article titled, A Star is Born – Michael Jackson. You may read Linda’s full article by clicking HERE.

“A star is a person who shines so brightly, who gives their gifts so fully, who loves so completely that everyone is drawn by the light of this star to find the way home.”  ~Chuck Spezzano, If It Hurts It Isn’t Love

“When someone purposely inflicts hate upon another person by attacking the integrity of their character, they are doing a huge disservice to humanity. Not only is the person on the receiving end of the hatred being negatively affected, so is the person doing the hating, because when you treat another person in a hateful way, you learn you are a hateful person. When you invite others to share in that hatred, you are teaching them that they are a hateful person as well.

“Michael Jackson was the most famous person on the planet, known in every country in the world and millions of people were invited to bring hate into their minds regarding him. Many lies were written about him. Name calling, ridicule and judgment were usually the norm when people talked about him. Some even went as far as inviting their audiences to laugh at his expense.

“The hate inflicted upon him (and therefore humanity) was so prevalent and widely accepted, that publishers wouldn’t even consider publishing books about him unless they were negative! If that’s not a sign that something is wrong with our world, I don’t know what is.

“It took Michael’s death for me to realize that I can no longer sit back and tolerate a society with no heart, one in which a lack of compassion allowed the inhumane treatment of another human being. His death was a wake-up call for humanity, showing us what we must do in order to make the world a better place; to change the world, we have to change the way we treat each other and that involves opening our hearts to love.

“I believe love is the creative force of the Universe. It is as important to life as oxygen is to breathing. When it is present in our lives we feel happier, more optimistic and fulfilled. Life becomes more meaningful. Without it, we become angry, cynical, resentful people, critical of ourselves and others, effectively squashing the greatness that exists in us, diminishing our own light. Yet, ironically, that’s all Michael wanted to do for the world, bring a little bit of light into it.

“I would like to be remembered as a person who came and brought light to the world.” ~Michael Jackson.

“By definition of the quote at the top of this article, Michael is a star. He gave his gifts so fully and loved so completely that people all over the world were, and still are drawn to him, and he can definitely help us find the way home.”

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