Michael’s Mother’s Newly Published Book ~

June 21st, 2010

Personal photos of Michael, many never seen by the public, have been newly published in a book written and compiled by his mother, Katherine.  The timing of this release will coincide with the one year anniversary of his death on June 25th.  The coffee table style hard cover book consists of high-gloss photographs of Michael, as well as anecdotes, quotes and Katherine’s inside perspective on raising Michael Jackson.

“I wanted to release a tribute book about Michael to thank his fans for all their love and support over the years…” Katherine states, in an effort to clear the air of negative press that surrounded Jackson’s life, “My son has been misunderstood and this was my way to share what kind of person he really was.”

Katherine’s story addresses all the defining moments in Michael’s life that shaped and molded him into the mega icon he was, told through the eyes of the woman he was closest to throughout his life. Never Can Say Good By: The Katherine Jackson Archives is about Michael Jackson, the superstar and the son.  Keeping in typical MJ tradition, some of the proceeds from her book will go to a good cause. “I wanted to give a portion of the book to charity because that’s the way Michael would have wanted it.”  The book went on sale yesterday, June 20t h, and is available through Michael Jackson’s Secret Vault.

Katherine Jackson narrates 150 pages of never-before-seen photos from her family’s personal archives.  “She’s very proud of the book,” an inside source reported. Katherine Jackson also gave a two-hour interview Thursday to Michael’s former business partner, Marc Schaffel, in connection with the book’s release. Although, some find it odd that Katherine is dealing with Marc who, after a close business relationship with Michael for many years, was later involved in many lawsuits with him.

“The world knew my son, but then again, they really didn’t… this is my chance to share the stories that are near to my heart. For his fans, and his children.”

There is controversy around Katherine’s new “partnership” with Howard Mann who is publishing this book with her. According to Sawf News:

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman tells TMZ that Mann “may be using his relationship with Mrs. Jackson to infringe upon Michael Jackson’s copyrights … to the detriment of, among others, Michael’s 3 kids.”

Mann has dubious antecedents, having made his money with online gambling and erotica. He came into possession of Jackson family memorabilia during a bankruptcy sale. Some of the items in his possession could have embarrassed the family, so he struck a deal with Katherine under which he returned personal possessions in exchange for co-developing projects with her.

It is difficult to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to mainstream media reporting.  I feel for Michael’s mother, Katherine.  We do not know what she has had to contend with since the death of her celebrated son.  Raising his children, dealing with the questionable estate executors, managing her maternal emotions around family relationship struggles, not-to-mention her financial affairs, must contribute to a good degree of stress.

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